great features of rooted Android phones

5 great features of rooted Android phones

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Today we will discuss the advantages of the rooted Android phone. There are many advantages if it can route well to see how to root. So let’s start.

1. Hide feature unlock:

By root, you can unlock some hidden features of rooted Android devices. Sometimes your favorite features are not on your device. After the route, you can add favorite features to your device through various apps. Eg – Exposed Installer

2.Battery Life Boost:

Another advantage of the route is that you can boost the battery life of the device. You can also CPU downclock your device with the set CPU app. This will boost your device’s battery life.

3. Divis Speed ​​Boost:

The most interesting thing to do is to speed up the device’s speed. Setup With this app, you can boost your device’s speed by closing your device’s CPU over !!

4.Ads block facility:

Ed ads are a lot of annoying fathers Repeat the use of an app repeatedly.

By root, you can add the ad in the app !! Different apps such as AdFree, Adblock Plus, Ad Away – these apps will block the add-ons of your device !!

5.Internet Speed:

You can get good quality internet speed by rooting your device !!

This is another way to root. The phone’s cache can not stay on the rota device.

Which is the speed of internet speed?

There are also a number of pre-installed apps, including backups of custom ROMs. There is also the difficulty of the route. Do not do mobile routes without knowing. If you want, you will write a blog about the difficulty of the route.

I showed many rules. You practice it. Of course, if you can practice correctly. Up to this See you later. If you do not understand in any way, do not forget to comment. I’m leaving today but I’m not going to come up with something new! Stay with.

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