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Augmented reality (AR) has long seemed like a wild, futuristic concept, but the technology has been around for years. AR is all about superimposing computer-generated images on top of your view of reality, thus creating a composite view that augments the important world. AR apps run the gamut from interactive map overlays and virtual showrooms to massive multiplayer skirmishes. More and more, ARKit apps are rolling out on Apple’s iOS, and while Google has killed off Project Tango, ARCore is that the way forward for Android.

The available selection of AR apps is diverse. Here are our top picks for the simplest AR apps available, whether you’re checking out iOS or Android apps.

The best AR apps for your phone Froggipedia ($4)

While definitely not for the more squeamish, Froggipedia is a superb educational tool for anyone who really doesn’t just like the idea of dissecting a true frog within the name of science. Froggipedia helps you to explore and knowledge the unique and fun lifecycle of a frog, from its start as a single-celled egg to eventually becoming a totally grown frog. The app gives you the power to require a frog apart, or take a transparent view of a living frog. Use your Apple Pencil or finger to dissect your frog further and obtain a better check out individual organs and systems within — all without harming an actual frog. Unfortunately, for Android users, this app is currently for iOS only.

BBC Civilisations AR

Education may be a great use for augmented reality, and it’s apps like this one that are really beginning to pave the way for an AR-centric future. The Civilisations AR app from the BBC gives you the power to admire various historical artifacts, locating, rotating, and resizing them as you see fit. There’s a particularly handy tutorial once you first start the app, which guides you thru finding out an Egyptian mummy, hearing about its history, and even seeing inside it with an X-ray function. There are quite 30 historical items for you to admire, explore, and photograph in your front room . this is often an excellent app for anyone curious about history, or those seeking a sneak peak at the likely way forward for museums.


There’s a touch artistry in everyone, but not everyone has the time to take a seat down and practice drawing hands for hours and hours. Why not cheat a little? SketchAR is actually AR tracing — plot a few of circles on a bit of paper and choose a sketch, and SketchAR will project that image onto the paper, allowing you to trace around it. It’s not exactly tracing, as you’ll struggle to properly match the lines perfectly, but it works alright if you’re looking to practice specific drawing techniques.

SketchAR are often a touch awkward — holding a phone in one hand and drawing with the opposite isn’t exactly a natural position — but it’s worth a try. It works with small pieces of paper on most ARCore-capable phones. It’s available for Android, iOS, and Microsoft’s HoloLens headset.


Want to find out a replacement language, but never desire you’ve got the time? Mondly is one among the simplest ways to find out a replacement language, and since it’s on your phone, you’ll learn on the go. With 33 different languages for you to settle on from and daily exercises to stay you learning, you’ll be chatting during a different language in no time in the least .

Mondly hasn’t been slow to adopt new tech. There’s a VR version of the app for the Gear VR — and more excitingly — AR tech is made into the most app. Tap the AR button, and you’ll be asked to seek out a flat surface sort of a floor. Once that’s detected, the app will ask you to plump down your AR teacher, and she’ll then begin your lesson, bringing in samples of the words as a memory aid. While it’s going to not be something you engage in a day , the AR side of Mondly may be a fun little addition which will shake up your language-learning experience.

Pokémon Go

It wouldn’t be an inventory of the simplest AR apps without mentioning Niantic’s Pokémon Go, a game that quickly captured everyone’s attention and given them a reason to travel out into the planet , walk around, and catch Pokémon. the sport uses GPS to mark your location and move your in-game avatar, while your smartphone camera is employed to point out Pokémon within the world . For the foremost part, it works, provided the sport hasn’t crashed or frozen. There aren’t tons of instructions once you first start, or information regarding game mechanics just like the colored rings around wild Pokémon, but because of the character of the web , deciding what to try to to isn’t that tough.

Players of the first Ingress, another Niantic creation, will see many similarities between the developer’s two games, right right down to the locations marked as Pokéstops and gymnasiums . So far, the sport has received multiple updates, including trading, raids, and player-versus-player battles. And in fact , many new Pokémon are added. Niantic is about to continue updating the sport to enhance its performance and add new features, so we imagine Pokémon Go will stick around for an honest , long while.

Google Translate

Google Translate isn’t strictly an AR app, but it does have one AR feature that’s incredibly useful for translating text. that specific feature is a component of the app’s camera mode. Simply snap a photograph of the text you don’t understand, and therefore the app will translate the text in your photo in real time. When connected to Wi-Fi, the app supports a huge number of languages, but users also can download variety of language packs if they need to continue using the moment translation feature while offline or without a cellular connection. Next time you’re taking a visit to a rustic with a language you aren’t fluent in, Google Translate might be your ally , and therefore the only thing which will keep you from getting lost during a strange land.

Ink Hunter

Ink Hunter is that the app you ought to use when choosing a tattoo and where to place it. The app allows you to try premade tattoos, also as your own designs, and that they are often oriented in whatever position you wish and placed on any a part of the body. Tattoos placed on the body using the camera look as on the brink of real world as you’re getting to get — without actually foundering the needle that’s — and that’s all because of the in-app editor and therefore the way Ink Hunter renders tattoos. The app previously only supported black-and-white tattoos, but its latest update added support for color tattoos also , meaning you’ll get a far better picture of what the planning will appear as if before you create it permanent.


WallaMe allows you to leave hidden messages in various locations round the world which will only be read by people using the WallaMe app. When using the app, you’ll take an image of a close-by wall, street, or sign, then use the in-app drawing and painting tools to make your own special messages. you’ll also attach pictures to the areas you’ve chosen, if only to prove you were actually there. The augmented reality aspect really comes into play when you’re during a location that features a hidden message, but it can only be found by using WallaMe and your device’s camera. Messages are often made private, too, in order that only friends using the app can see them, or they will be made public for everybody to get .

WallaMe’s biggest strength also works against it, in a way. those that aren’t conscious of the app’s existence, or those that don’t regularly use it, may never see the clever messages created by others. But fans of the app might want to stay it that way, so as to take care of the sensation of exclusivity.

Zombies Go

With the recognition of The Walking Dead television program and graphic novels, you’ll sometimes end up wondering how you’d fare within the zombie apocalypse. Zombies Go doesn’t offer you specific answers for that specific thought, but it does allow you to fight zombies while walking around outside, expecting the bus, or maybe while buying groceries.

You may have noticed the “Zombies Go” name resembles that of Pokémon Go, and you wouldn’t be completely wrong to expect some similarities — mostly, it’s the concept of holding your phone up, seeing a creature, and selecting the way to affect it. If you are doing get uninterested in fighting the undead, though, you’ll activate the game’s safe mode to stay from being attacked.

Amikasa ($1)

Amikasa helps you style your room and find out your required layout before you ever buy a bit of furniture. Using your iPhone or iPad’s camera, you’ll easily walk around your bedroom, kitchen, work office, or the other room you opt to furnish, and place 3D models of varied items to ascertain how they appear , or to get their ideal placement. This includes the power to tweak the colour , because maybe that cerise chair suits the space better than the peach. The app uses name-brand items, which you’ll buy while using Amikasa, and if you’re ever unsure of your own style, your augmented rooms are often shared with friends and family through the app. the foremost recent update also added more kitchen faucets, cabinets, burners, and wallpapers, supplying you with even more options to style your perfect room.

Unfortunately, there’s no Android version available yet, but the Ikea Place and Overstock apps offers similar functionality.

AR games and entertainment Knightfall: AR

What genre of games is best suited to AR than battle strategy? Knightfall: AR puts players within the shoes of the Knights Templar, as they defend Acre from enemy Mamluk warriors. You place the battlefield down on any flat surface near you, and your viewpoint then acts as a targeting reticule, allowing you to fireside arrows and catapults at enemy units as they work their way toward your walls. Killing enemies earns gold which will be spent on defenses and warriors to push the invaders back. Beating levels of the campaign also unlocks animations for the game’s Photo Mode, which allows you to plump down characters from the sport for your own amusement.

It’s not perfect though — it’s a touch buggy, and that we found the battlefield sometimes scooted faraway from us. It also started lagging another time units were placed on the battlefield. But no matter that, this is often a fun little game to require up a number of some time , and an excellent indication of the longer term of AR gaming.

Just a Line

It’s not just independent developers who are having fun in AR — Google is just too . Just a Line is one among the standouts of Google’s AR Experiments project, and while the premise is straightforward , it’s tons of fun to play with and an excellent start line for seeing what AR can potentially do. Boot up the app and it’ll take a flash to calibrate the space ahead of you. Once done, hold your finger on the screen to draw and sketch out whatever you wish . When you’re done, take a step back to admire your work. Then take a step around it and admire it fully 3D space, since it’s fully rendered during a 3D point in space. It’s really fun tech, and by traveling , you’ll vary the results, stretching lines out as you progress . It’s not particularly thought-provoking, and it doesn’t have much use outside of just drawing within the air — but it’s fun to play with, and you’ll even shoot short videos to share together with your friends.

Ingress Prime

Ingress was Google’s first entry into the AR game market, and now you’ll play the upgraded Ingress Prime. the sport is an MMO that splits players into two factions — the Enlightened and therefore the Resistance — and has them fight for control of virtual territories during a giant game of king of Capitol Hill . Players gain a cloth called Exotic Matter (XM) by walking around, and may use that XM to require over virtual portals. When three or more portals are appropriated by either team, they gain control of the world between the portals. It’s a comprehensive strategy title at its core, heavily rooted in fantasy and bolstered by endless open narrative while offering the foremost in-depth social experience of any AR app on our list.

Other AR apps Google Lens

Google Goggles is dead — long live Google Lens. Google Lens is that the replacement for the long-neglected Google Goggles app, and thankfully for old users of that app, it still does most of the items Goggles was known for, and tons more besides. Point Google Lens at an object and it’ll plan to identify it. If it knows what it’s , it can suggest places to shop for it, or alternative products — or just pull up a Google look for that item. It can identify plants, store phone numbers and dates on posters, or offer you information about nearby landmarks.

Accessing Google Lens is pretty easy. you’ll either download the Android app below, access it from your Google Assistant, or access it from Google Photos. Sadly, iOS users don’t have access to the Lens app, but they will still access Lens through Google Photos.


Given smartphones are more tailored for adults than adolescents, the staggering dearth of AR content for youngsters isn’t exactly surprising. Thankfully, Quiver (formerly referred to as ColAR Mix) works to bring your child’s 2D coloring books to life with animated images that spring directly from the Crayola-lined pages on your table . Although the app requires printed color pages, users can download one among several free coloring packs on the Quiver website, each of which encompasses everything from fire-breathing dragons and cuddly teddy bears to towering dinosaurs and wild stallions. Once drawn, users merely got to make sure the entirety of the page is viewable within their smartphone camera’s peripheral, thus allowing the image to return to life with accompanying music. Users can watch the animations from any angle once started, pause the content, or maybe concentrate and out as if viewing a real-life object. Despite being geared toward children, there’s no denying it’s a touch of fun for all ages.

Genesis Augmented Realitygar

Ever wished that you simply could slap a bit of paper down on a table and watch because the monster contained within unfolds and fights other monsters? Yeah, we’re essentially describing Yu-Gi-Oh! there, but we’re also describing Genesis Augmented Reality. one among the most important successes of all time on Kickstarter, Genesis Augmented Reality puts you within the shoes of a Riftlord — a mortal imbued with the powers of Genesis to finish the evil influence of Rharkon by summoning powerful entities to defeat tainted dark beings.

Although the developers had initially planned a reasonably expansive game, sadly it’s love it hasn’t been updated since 2018, and there are reports of players being stuck in an endless loop trying to authenticate the app. Nonetheless, if you’ll catch on to figure , it’s a reasonably cool experience — although you’ll need a printer to print off the AR anchor that spawns your hero.

Smash Tanks! ($1)

Smash Tanks! is an AR parlor game that allows you to — you guessed it — smash tanks! the sport uses an intuitive slingshot method to bang up your opponent’s tanks, and you’ll found out the AR board just about anywhere, from your desk at work to a table reception . Although you’ll play alone, it’s the multiplayer modes where you’ll have the foremost fun — and you’ll choose between local multiplayer, which uses one device and a pass and play system to game with a lover , or online, where you’ll either game with friends sitting next to you using multiple devices or with remote opponents through your Google Play Games account. you begin with three tanks, and therefore the aim is to catapult your tanks across the board and bang up your opponent’s tanks. the primary to win two games is that the victor, and with additional powerups, it can get pretty competitive. Smash Tanks! was initially available on both iOS and Android, but sadly only the iOS version remains available.


Remember the AR stickers on the Google Pixel? This app is just about where it all began. Holo allows you to require characters from both fictional worlds and therefore the world , and drag and drop them into your immediate surroundings; a process Holo refers to as “Holo-mixing”. Each of the characters, which range from YouTube celebrities to fictional characters, performs a variety of set animations and sounds when placed within the world, and may be shrunk and expanded to match your ideal placement.

The actual execution are often a touch glitchy, and therefore the AR functionality isn’t without its bugs — you would possibly find that the characters you’ve placed wish to move with you, instead of letting you progress around them — but as an app that’s available across both Android and iOS, it’s certainly a powerful endeavor nonetheless.


Visualizing furniture in its potential environment is one thing, but having the ability to see nearly any 3D model in AR are some things completely different. Although somewhat complex, Augment is an app specially designed to spice up sales, bring print to life, and visually see the chances at hand. Once users check in with a free Augment Manager account, the app allows users to upload their own 3D images and trackers from applications like Cinema 4D, Sketchup, Maya, and therefore the like, and place the 3D models during a virtual environment using the camera on their iOS device. A steep learning curve accompanies a number of the more advanced features, but said features also make the software more capable. It handles print content during a similar fashion to Layer, offering additional multimedia features with an easy camera scan, but the sheer ability to upload your own 3D content helps it edge out the competition when it involves deciding where to place that recently-purchased display kiosk or building model.

Find Your Car with AR

We’ve all done it before — you land up your grocery shopping and head out into the parking zone to form your way home, but unfortunately haven’t any idea where you parked. Fortunately, Find Your Car with AR is an app specifically designed to assist guide you to your hiding vehicle. Once the car’s location is about , the app creates a clear marker showing the car, the space you’re from it, and therefore the direction you ought to walk to seek out it. We’ve found that it’s most useful for places like stadiums, convention centers, outdoor concert venues, and other crowded areas or those lined with massive parking lots. Users also can utilize the app to seek out their seats in large theaters and concert halls.

The freemium version of the software should suffice for many users, but the premium version does remove the ads and include additional tools for marking your favorite parking spot or specifying the arrow color. Find Your Car with AR could also be an iOS exclusive, but Android users can always purchase the similarly-equipped AR Car Locator.

Sun Seeker ($6/$10)

As the name might suggest, Sun Seeker is an app obsessively designed with one thing in mind: the big star position within the center of our system . The app provides both a flat view compass and a 3D, AR view, each detailing the sun’s solar path, maximum elevation, its hourly intervals, and its rise and set times, among other noteworthy data. Furthermore, the app presents the sun’s winter and June 21 paths, and allows users to quickly view the sun’s current position within the sky, complete with marked hour points. Though users can choose between nearly any location on earth, the app also taps into your mobile device’s GPS and magnetometer, providing useful information for gardeners, photographerS, architects, land buyers, and anyone else looking to get optimal lighting conditions and relative solar angles for a given location. Plus, users can even view the solar path for a selected date. Needless to mention , the Aztecs would be a wee bit envious.


Sometimes obliviousness may be a terrific thing, but that’s rarely the case when it involves safety. With SpotCrime+, users can gather a wealth of real-time crime information and alerts for nearly any location within the us , uk , and selected parts of Canada. SpotCrime+ pinpoints your location via your smartphone’s GPS, pulling crime data from police departments, sheriff agencies, journalism , and other sources. Crimes range from robberies and shootings to arrests and assaults, and therefore the app pinpoints each occurrence with its respective icon on a map. Moreover, users can found out automated alerts and look for crimes surrounding a selected address or view them as an inventory accompanied with links to additional information. The app might not prevent crimes, but it’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of the more dangerous avenues and times to be out and about in your neighborhood or park block. because the official SpotCrime+ description says, “don’t let anyone take your mojo.”

AR Ruler

Here’s one among the only ideas for augmented reality — measurements. Using AR’s ability to measure where 3D objects begin and end, it’s possible to live that distance and display it easily. It’s not almost simple straight measurements, though — AR Ruler also will measure angles, volume, and area. It even features a function to make an area plan from your measurements. As you would possibly expect, it’s not perfect, but it’s an honest enough tool to urge rough measurements once you need them. Just don’t believe it for love or money that must be accurate — yet. Unfortunately, there’s no iOS version of this app yet, but there are similar apps with an equivalent name which will probably work even as well.

SkyView ($2)

Staring up at the cosmos are some things of a universal human experience. regardless of where or who you’re , we will all enjoy gazing up at the night sky (well, most of us). Now, regardless of how experienced a stargazer you’re , this app can grant you the combined powers of notable astronomers from throughout history.

No, there’s nothing sinister about it. By using your phone’s camera and a mess of sensors, SkyView projects a grid of the known constellations, stars, and other stellar objects on your phone’s screen. Simply point it at the sky and you’ll be an expert in no time. an enquiry function allows you to seek out crowd favorites, and a time-travel function conjures skymaps from the past, or maybe projects into the longer term . Follow the International space platform because it travels across the sky, or just watch Jupiter dawn, because of the sky trails. It’s available on a mess of devices — and there’s even a companion app available for the Apple Watch.

The best part about these kinds of apps is that there are always alternatives. If you’re trying to find something a touch lower tech, then Google’s Sky Map is ideal . Whereas if you’re not convinced enough to place down the $2 immediately, then there’s a free version of this app for Android devices, so you’ll try before you purchase .


Roar is an app that buyers, businesses, and retailers can all enjoy, but we’re getting to speak to the folks that are getting to use it in their personal lives. For them, Roar is an AR shopping adviser that allows you to take pictures of thousands of foods and drinks, and almost instantly learn their prices and ingredients, see reviews from people, and perhaps even discover relevant coupons and promotions. Products found in Roar’s database are often compared by price or retailer, and items are often bought from within the app itself. Even more impressive is that the ability to scan a movie poster so as to quickly buy tickets to an upcoming showing, potentially saving you the difficulty of getting to navigate a full website. Roar is an ever-growing app, and while it had been recently updated in June, even more features to form it easier and more fun to use — including new sounds and music, 3D objects, and animation — are coming soon.

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