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Find 10 ways to speed up your Android phone

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If you can invest thousands of money behind a new Android phone, you can expect it to last long. Unfortunately, due to the tiny reasons, there are many reasons for slowing down your phone, which you might not even know.

If you think your Android phone is slow and difficult to work with, then try the process below.

First, restart your phone

Before taking any other action on your phone first, shut down or try restarting your phone.

2) Confirm your system updates

If the phone becomes slower, you probably forgot to install the latest update Android software on your phone. To see if there are any updates, please visit Settings> About device> Software update on your device.

3) Delete old photos, apps and everything else that does not need to be done

Even if your phone is slow, delete files that are not needed. It is normal to forget to delete old pictures and music files, but it is an important step to get your phone running again. Besides, due to various apps, your phone may be slowed because many apps are running in your phone’s background, which can slow down the speed of your phone. Many unnecessary apps also occupy a lot of space on your phone, so it is better to delete these unnecessary apps.

4) Clear the application cache

Your phone sometimes stores pictures and pieces of information associated with an application so that you do not have to download it frequently during the application. This is usually a positive feature, but it also slows down your phone.

So if you think that your phone is slow then delete these photos and items.

Clear your settings in Settings> Storage> Cached data.

5) Close the animation

Stop using the animation to speed up your Android phone. To get rid of the Android operating system animation you can unlock an entirely new settings menu on your Android phone. Scroll down to Settings> About phone and tap the Build Number exactly seven times after doing this, you will get access to a “Developer Options” menu in the phone’s system settings. In this menu, you can get the window animation scale, the animation change scale, and the Animation Duration Scale, each tap or set to .5x or close it.

6) Try installing custom ROMs

If your phone is an old Android phone that is not suitable for new updates, install a custom ROM on your phone that will allow you to run the latest software and will also help you run fast even if your phone’s current performance is bad.

7) Solve Chrome browser problems

If Chrome browser on your Android phone is slow, there is a way to fix this problem. You can allow more memory on your phone to accelerate your phone’s Chrome browser. To open just chrome, start a new tab and type the following command in the URL bar: chrome: // flags / # -mix-tiles-for-interest-area

Now a menu will appear so that you can change how much memory you want to use. Now select default “128” instead of “512”.

8) Keep an eye fixed on applications that use additional process power

Almost time, you can see strange bugs or issues from different applications on your phone.

It is difficult to say which application is actually due to this. If you think this is happening on your device, you can try the Watchdog Task Manager app.

This app helps you monitor the quantity of pc power and resources your phone uses.

9) Disable background data

Using background data can be one of the reasons for your phone to run slowly. Limiting or stopping it will not only increase the speed of your phone, but it can help reduce your data usage per month.

To see what apps use background knowledge, you’ll head to Settings from knowledge Usage.

10) If all else fails, try a factory reset

If your phone is intensely slow, try a factory reset. It will erase all of your information, applications, photos, music, so backup everything. A factory reset will basically take your phone to a state that was at the time of purchase of the phone. Go to Settings> Backup to reset> Reset to factory reset.

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