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Find out the identity of computer hardware

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I want to tell you some information about computer hardware If you carefully read the article, you may have some idea about computer hardware. So do not raise the word and come to the real words. let’s start

A) System Unit:

The system unit operates all the activities of a microcomputer. It includes memory, processor, motherboard, hard drive, flopped drive, power supply unit, etc. Currently, there are two types of system units in the market.

B) Monitor:

A device similar to that of Livin used to display the results of computer, it is one of the computer units of the display unit or monitors L. Compulsory materials Although the monitor is on television, it does not normally have all the devices like TV. However, its ability to display images is comparatively better than TV.


For the computer screen, there are various advantages in the market (such as the facility of multimedia usage or the display of different channels like TV) and available in different sizes (eg 15, 17 inches … size) monitors. However, most of the monitors used in personal computers have 80-character 25 lines of information in the document.

C) Keyboard:

Keyboards are among the various input devices used to provide computer information. The types of typed Writer keys have a structured similarity with the keyboard keys used on the computer hardware. However, the number of switches is much higher than the typewriter. The keys are all electronic

Like switch and each key have one or more identities written. Connecting it to the core processing part of the computer hardware via a cable

The key is to press and release the specified key once it is used. Various numbers of 84, 85, 108, 110 are popular in the market. Currently, Windows 98/2000 / XP programs have 104 keys to use 110 or more key keyboards available for multimedia management.

According to the division of the program, the keys of a common keyboard can be divided into the following five categories:

1. Function key: F1, which is the top row of the keyboard,

F2, ….., F12 Keys Exclusive These keys are used to operate specific instructions or activities based on individual programs. For example, if you press the F1 key on the Windows program, help information is displayed.

Numeric Key: The keys to the second row from right to the top of the keyboard and 1 to 0 in the right pane and +, -, *, /, =, etc. are keys. Typing the mathematical information and typing a special symbol for it. The numeric key is used.

3, Alphabetic Key: Type in the center of the keyboard

What are the formatted form of A, S, D, F, G or B, A, T, D, such as Writer? This key is used for typing. By using Bengali programs, these keys can be used to type Bengali letters in different programs.

4. Cursor Movement Key: The keyboard layout shows the user’s working location on the screen for the keyboard movements of the cursor mark.

Arrow keys.

5. Special Kev: All other keys on the keyboard except the mentioned keys. Among the few key works mentioned below are described below.

Backspace: Used to remove the character (previous side left) of cursor or icon position.

Delete: The cursor is used to remove the character on the next (right) side of the position of the image.

Caps Lock: After typing alphabetic keys – upper case type is typed. On the other hand, the keyboard lights are displayed. Again, with the help of these key presses, type of alphabetic keys

Lowercase letters will be typed.

Shift: If using any other keys at the same time with the addition of multiple keys/symbols, then the upper case/symbol and upper case letters in alphabetic or case type are pressed.

Enter: Finish an order or proceed to the next step or line. Used to be.

Spacebar: Used for creating empty space between two words.

.Alt: Used to instruct the program in order to activate the menu individually and together with multiple keys.

D) Mouse:

The input device with a mouse and shape is connected to the core processing part of the computer through an instrument. Due to the similarity of the shape, it has been called a mouse or mouse. There is a ball on the lower end of the mood and two or more switches on the top. This is displayed in the status screen on an active condition by an arrow or another mark on the computer screen. This way, take the arrow in the desired place

By pressing the specific switch on the mouse, it can be done by marking a topic, assigning it, etc. Due to the ease of use, the mouse has become quite popular in the computer’s input hardware

Optical Mouse:

Nowadays the ball is being used instead of the optical mouse. The sensor is used to detect movement movements instead of balls in an optical mouse. With Optical Encoder which is Horizontal and

Vertical Position Encode Light source is used

To supply energy. The light detector that comes with every window of the encoder. Note that it sends Signal to the Cornrnand Execute with the Cursor Movement signals from the sensor, and After the Command Selection clicks on Push button switches, it is executed. The mouse usually has two switches, Left and Right, and one Scroll that helps the document up / down.

Working Principle and Operation:

When a mouse is moving, then Sense Movement Sensor, the Optical Encoder, which is available in the mouse. Optical Encoder Identifies that Sense and enters Light Source to Light Source. According to the Movement of Information Control Circuit Mouse

Describes Horizontal and Vertical Directions and accordingly, Cursor moves to Screen. When a Command Execute is required from the Menu Bar icon, then the Command or Icon Select by clicking on Pash Button Switch and clicking on the push button switch, it is executed.

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