Freelancer Related Questions and Answers

Freelancer Related Questions and Answers 2019

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One brother told me that we are waiting for government jobs. What do you say in the freelancer? According to our country’s commentary, it is called “gambling”. So I said we do not lend money. The elder brother did not say anything. However, come back in the discussion.

 You want to freelance! You have to do!

“Brother, I want to freelance, what do I have to do?” I do not think there is anyone who did not ask this question. To freelancing, you have to first learn a job. And that work must be fully learned. Because if you do not work, you can not freelancing or cannot earn online. You need to have a skill in a subject. Freelancing, learning to not work, foot in the way of online income is absolutely nothing but absurd. Then you will be frustrated when you do not get work, or you can not earn any income online after some time. So before that, you must learn to work. Hope nobody else will question this.

Can I learn to work?

There are many things you can learn, such as Web Development, Web Design, Graphics Design, SEO, Apps Development, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc. I’ve just mentioned a few things here. There are many things you can learn. From this link, start learning about the job.

Which work is more demanding? Would be good for me

Above the names of the work said that there is a lot of demand for each job. Now it is you choose which work you can do well. If you do not have any idea about this, then just study Google and study a few things about this topic. You can see a lot of things. Then it will be easy to make your decision. The current era of YouTube’s era so you can get enough ideas from YouTube. Hope you can understand what is best for you.

Where do you learn to work?

Those who have started freelancing long ago, almost everyone has learned from their own efforts online. In this case, they helped Google, YouTube. There are many resources online from which you can easily learn. But if you do not want to learn how to do so much by yourself and do not want to learn so much by yourself, then the advice for you is that you are not a Dhanda Bazzy Training Center, learning from a good training center. There is now freelancing training center in the whole country including Dhaka, but lion’s share is in danda so be careful to empty your pockets. So you can get admission to the Training Center by listening to it.

Remember the name of some freelancing marketplace:

Upwork (

Freelancer (

Fiber (

Guru (

People Cross Hour (

99 designs ( are many more marketplaces. I have given a shortlist of very good and big marketplaces here.

Trying to discuss every good market place in the future.

Do you teach what work you brothers?

Sorry I did not teach work. I’m not even involved in any training center. Many people do inbox but I do not teach them. But try to give the right solution. Hope to understand.

How do I raise money?

Brother has closed the screen, Neytellar closed. PayPal is not there. How do you do?

Do not be bothered through your bank, through Payoneer card, Western Union, and many more, you can take payment of your work and make money through easy bank and card. However, we may never get freedom from trouble. No matter

Now we discuss some arbitrary topics.

What are freelancing and outsourcing?

One of the most discussed topics of the current time is freelancing and outsourcing. We’re freelancing those who know very well what the matter is. But we’re hearing a new issue in those who think a lot of them.

What is freelancing? freelancer

Freelancing is a profession or job where a person or organization does not have a permanent agreement, they can earn their living by doing various tasks.

In short, you can be freelancing someone’s job freely by doing any income or income at any time within a certain time.


When a person or organization does any of their work from outside sources, excluding salaried employees or internal sources, then he is outsourced.

If you talk about a little bit,

Think you got an article writing article from an American Client. You have to complete this work according to the terms and conditions set forth in 1000 words in 2 days. In exchange, he gave me a minimum (30) dollars. By submitting your request, you submitted the job at a specific time and he gave you the payment. Here’s the job that you’ve got (American Client) for its outsourcing. And the work you did earn is freelancing.

And whoever is associated with this freelancing is called Freelancer. I hope this is clear now like water.

Like today Insha Allah will come again in future. I remind you again. Enter the topic you want to post in the future. Inshah Allah will try as much as I know for sharing.

Those who do not know if they are happy, they will also know. Search Google for more information on freelancing

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