How to Save the Smartphone’s Battery

How to Save the Smartphone’s Battery Charge 2019

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Battery Charge, In this tune, we will know how smartphones can be saved. Our favorite smartphone is seen in a lot of times, it does not have too much charge, it is very fast that your phone’s Charge is gone. I will solve this issue today, follow the rules below.

Do not use Live Wallpaper.

➽ Do not use more widgets on the mobile Home screen. A charge will be charged if less than 25.

➽ Never charge mobile phones, then the battery will affect the battery. Never again charge a single charge or do not charge extra if the battery will have a bad effect.

➽ If your downloaded apps are running, then stop them, just like: settings → application → running application … and if there are some unnecessary apps running on the mobile, it will stop and it will not be a problem. If you turn on the mobile then you will be okay.

➽Wife, Auto Rotation, Bluetooth is not always good at all. If you follow the rules in this way, you can save your mobile charge, so that it will last longer. If you follow these tricks you can save a fairly high amount of charge. And think, if you’re doing the opposite work on the triangle, then avoid it. If you take care of mobile in this way.

Then there will be a lot of battery charge. And if these rules follow. Of course, it is safe for your mobile and safe for battery and the battery will be much better. If you do not understand, then please comment. If you understand, then try to try. And these rules can share with the people. Thank you

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