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How to Start Freelancing Basics from Advance Part 01

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Today, I’m writing about three things. They are: What to learn to do freelancing? the example of the freelancer’s work, some kind of work in the direction. When the post is bigger, I will make two parts.

Let’s start by saying no. Before that you have to fix your ID. To fix the ID, you must verify everything. Portfolios should be added. Buy Bid. Many people see lumbering so much on the intro membership. After a few days, I did not get a single project with 15 bits. Hey, brother did not get the job first after taking 1500 bids in my ID first. First took a project of 30 dollars, about 1 week later. A 5-star review had to work a lot. Anyway, you bought the bid and then bid it. After that, if the client needs the exact thing that is required, then only then will the job be done and nothing will be done. However, if the good work, the client will get better reviews. But there is some funny boy. Even if the work is good, the reviews or ratings are bad. There is no reason to worry about this. I’m going to the next part.

  Now let’s ask some basic questions.

  • Why do freelancing?
  • What can you do in the freelancing site?
  • You can not do any work, how do you freelance?
  • You have no idea about freelancing. what will you do?
  • What should you learn?
  • Will you start working in a market place?
  • You can work fairly, but can not do?
  • What is the cover letter writing a rule?
  • How do you get the money?

Now gradually I am just answering all the questions and waiting only to read and understand the head.

Why do freelancing?

If you like freedom, feel free to work from home or anywhere, you can be freelancing.

What can you do in the freelancing site?

It’s easy to start, you can start working with what you know. Writing, Data Entry, Programming, Marketing, Typing, Designing, Image Editing, Presentation, Creating, Development, Vertical Assistant and many more. Here’s a screenshot of the freelancer’s key job. Clicking on the photo will be shown as big.

Let’s first give a screenshot of the category. After that, he gave a screenshot of the job.

Watched? Now imagine what you can do and no work you can do.


Now see the work.


If you can do any of the above, you can work online. If you can not do any of these activities, then you can learn a thing that you like best. Then you can start working. Learning to work will not take much time. How to learn if you are afraid or not? Is not this a good day to start learning your favorite thing today?

You can not do any work, how do you freelance?

Learn if you do not know any work. Anything that you can learn. Or you can study with all the things that you like to see from the above screenshot

You have no idea about freelancing. what will you do?

One thing is that experts are the experts on the things that happen. No one is successful on the first day. If you start freelancing today, today or tomorrow or one month after or a year you can become a successful freelancer. And if you are cheating while freelancing, then you will be able to skip those aspects in the future. If you do not want to be a formal job, start learning about freelancing today. There is no lack of work here. There is no shortage of subjects. You can easily move forward by selecting the topic you like. Or chose one thing. After that you did not like it, you can easily change to another topic. But one thing to choose and who is good in front of the front. As much as he can with one subject, he can be more skilled in that subject. In short, if you know the graphics work, then try to do all the graphics-related tasks. Efficient human space is always above the top, regardless of whether it is. In some cases, a freelancer has to do many things together. One man army is to be decorated. No matter what you do, your goals will be fixed.

What should you learn?

Before that one has to be proficient in one. Then? Then you have to give a little time to the online marketplace. We have to make the trying. Those who work from a lot of days, see their profile. Their profiles will be sorted their profile just like their profile. And be proficient in English. Not that Fluently has to talk to you or write. Have at least one job post to tell what to do, what to do and have the knowledge of English to speak to the client.

Will you start working in a market place?

If you know something, open one of the following freelancing marketplace accounts. Learn about the marketplace well before opening an account. Every marketplace has to organize its profile. It is necessary to add what works on the profile itself. If you can do it yourself, it can be done online for the exam. If you can do this, you will find that it is appropriate for you to work. Then, to get the job done, keep bid for work. Bid the work that seems to be possible. Give a nice message to the client. It does not take much time to get the job done. I’m linking to some Marketplace here. There are many more marketplaces out there. etc.

You can work fairly, but can not do?

Bid for work, do regularly. What you can do is convince you If you can not, then get the idea of ​​doing the job by searching Google before bidding. You can learn In this way you can become an expert to learn. If you have done a message while applying for Job, why do you want to do the job, explaining how you will complete the task, you will get an application or an application. And in Ripple, it is generally asked when you can start the job, how long it will take, etc. If you explain them beautiful, then the client will work for you.

What is the cover letter writing a rule?

If you have bid regularly, then do not get any work, try writing your cover letter a little differently. Think of the wake of the clarinet. How to apply an application you would lose him. Hopefully, it will work. Everyone wants to experience. You can give your cover letter the work you have done while learning on your own.

The cover writing rules are actually nothing. If you write a cover letter with a simple, straightforward work from a huge message, then it is easily attracted to the client. Read the job post, then specify whether the client has made a question or the cover letter. If you have any questions, he will ask. How do you complete the task? Write down why you can complete the job. In this way, you can write the perfect cover letter. Write the cover letter that you want to write from your mind without following anyone else.

How do you get the money?

Hope you get the job. If not working, do not be frustrated. Try to learn something new regularly. There is no point in sitting down because you have not got work. After completing the work, the money will be deposited in your account. From there you can transfer the bank. ODesk, Ilana’s, etc., are supported by the bank. From other marketplaces, you can make Moneybookers or any system. If you make money, you will find many ways to get there. How to get money in hand, he will not even worry about it. First of all, how can you complete a job, keep working on it? After completing the work, the money will be credited to your Marketplace account after the release of the client. And from there you can easily bring your money in many ways. There is no PayPal, or you do not have a card, so do not worry about it now. And there is no point in stopping them from doing so.

You can also use MasterCard to get money. Give you the card You can transfer money to the card from the freeware or freelancer. And you can withdraw money from an ATM booth in Bangladesh. To apply for a card for free, sign up at the peonies site. Try to give names, addresses, e-mails, etc. in a little accurate way. After that, the card will come to your address. Free Card After that you can activate the money by transferring money to the card at any time. After activating, you can transfer money to the card by adding a card to any marketplace.

Staying the same today, I will finish the rest of the next phase. Today, about 1600 wards have become. It will be a headache to read such a big article. Thank you for being patient.  

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