How to start freelanching part 2

How to Start Freelancing Basics from Advance Part 02

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Today’s episode is not a big buzz. It will be completely clear Advance. Then let’s start

In the last phase, some questions about Advance freelancing and gave the answer. Many people did the message they understood very well. I hope those who understand it will be working as a skilled person.

And those who still do not understand what they actually do, they read my writing again. Hopefully, peace will get some relief from all problems. Today I will give some ideas or examples of work. Hope everyone will try to understand them by heart. If you do not understand, let me know about your problem and hope you can help.

In the beginning, see how many types of work can be done in the freelancer market place. First, start with designing. But remember that the job is not a work, but a job.


You can find many types of designing here. You have to know the works of Photoshop, Illustrator for this. There are also many more designing software that you have a complete understanding of. Otherwise, you can not do the job of designing. Because, keeping in mind the needs of the client, you have to do one type of design one at a time. There are various types of designing. Such as presentation, photography, animation, logo design, illustration, graphics design, etc.

If you can say one by one, many labels will be posted. Even after that sorta little.

Presentation: It mainly takes more work on advertising. It can be written and written by an image and can be used in animation style. The important part of MS Ofice is Microsoft PowerPoint This is called Powerpoint Presentation. The meaning of the presentation is to present. Presentation is a method of presenting different information about a topic. For example, the speaker presents his views to the audience and the audience on a subject in different discussion chakra, different exhibitions, seminar conference seminars, etc. But in the absence of the speaker, the speaker uses different writing, picture, sound, graph, etc. in his subject to draw attention and attention of the audience and audience. Then the projector shows them in front of the audience. And all these tasks are easily done at PowerPoint. Many such works can be done at the powerpoint.

Photography: In technical terms, a time or a Moment is stuck in one by one – this is the definition of simple photography.

Animation: Animation: Animation is a sequence of stills that seem to be alive and active if they look at a special process.

Of course, most of the people know more and I do not say so.


You have to be creative in order to do this. Because you may have to type over different types of topics. You have to research the writing that the client will give you first. After getting a full idea then it will have to start writing about that topic. Below are examples of some writing works.

Business Plan Writing, Creative Writing, Academic Writing, Website Content Writing, Technical Writing, CV and Cover Letter Writing, Grant Writing, Copying, Arctic and Blog, Post Writing, etc.

Web Designing and Software Development

If you are good at Advance coding Then you can work on web designing and software development. This type of work payment is also high. You may have to create any kind of software. So there should be knowledgeable on this topic well. Maybe mobile software or computer software.


If you understand the languages โ€‹โ€‹of different countries But this work is useful for you. Because there are many jobs like translation here. Only clients’ needs will be able to transform the content of one page into a different Advance language.

Admin Jobs or simply what it means is the data entry job

This type of work is basically a type of data entry, web research and so on. Data Entry, Transcription, Virtual Assistance, Project Management, Web Advance Research, etc.

However, there is a lot of outlays for data entry work.

Data entry gives a little bit of a little idea at work. Data Entry is a computer-generated copy of a particular type of data from one place/program to another. Data may be handwritten by typing any data into a computer, or a computer program data stored in a spreadsheet file. From the beginning of the computer to the data entry concept has come. Currently, information sharing in the welfare of the internet has expanded, as well as increasing the number of different types of data and its many uses. So efficient data entry operators have huge demand. Such works can be accomplished alone or in a group, and in most cases are limited to the general use of computers and the Internet. As a result, anyone who earns Vedic money by sitting in the house doing Advance such work.

Necessary skills

The data entry project requires a variety of skills that depend on a project. Many types of projects are available so that no expertise is needed except copy-paste. But generally, the skills that will always be needed are remarkable – the ability to type fast, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, and then better knowledge in English. With it, there is a good idea about searching for a piece of information on the internet and searching for a variety of websites, forums, and web directories.

Types of Data Entry Work

It is worth mentioning that data entry work is available in freelancing sites – uploading files, images, etc. on different websites, saving certain information from different sites to a file in Excel, writing articles on a specific topic for the website, a website to a website, forums, Promote the group, giving link exchange between two websites Tot (Link Exchange), to help sell products online, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to correct mistakes, etc. derived from the text. Advance

Due to the data entry problem, I will end today’s episode. Everyone needs to know about this matter.


Although the data entry work is relatively simple, there are many difficulties in this type of work, which should be worked out before considering:

Firstly, there is a lot of bid on this type of work, so getting work done in the first place is very difficult. There is no initial opportunity to prove your talent or skill in such work. However, if successful completion of a few small tasks, there is a lot more work from the same buyer.

Data entry tasks are time-consuming, monotonous and almost boring.

Internet speed is very important for many things. Especially for those files that need to be uploaded or tasks that have to be completed within a short period of time, there is a need for a fast Internet connection.

There are many data entry functions that can not be completed at one specific time. That’s why 5 to 10 people may need to form a team.

The data entry is done very carefully and accurately. So it is very important to keep 100% accurate typing and full attention while working.

Please comment about what you want to know about work. Insha Allah will try as much as I write. As far as I can afford. Do not forget to share if you like it. Come on like today.

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