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How to Start Freelancing Basics from Advance Part 03

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Take a look at the summary of what today’s articles are discussed. There will be a lot of discussions from Basics to Advance. There have been many discussions in the past two episodes. And in front of the discussion, a list of some topics will be discussed.

  1. Is Freelancing really so easy?
  2. The actual freelancer to do?
  3. What will you learn?
  4. Where, in what way?
Let’s start it

What is Freelancing / Outsourcing and How to Start?

Basics to advance Outsourcing/outsourcing is the name of outsourcing or open job to do the work of your own. And this person who is involved in this profession is called Freelancer. A freelancer does not work as an employer of a company, but in a short-term job according to the type of work or time of the year.

In this case, he has to abide by some conditions. He is receiving contractual remuneration, which is determined based on the time or specific quantity. Global outsourcing work is done mainly through the various online market place or web.

Through various outsourcing marketplace (websites, such as ODesk) on the Internet, various organizations of the world are bringing out their organization’s work through outsourcing staff. Basically, short-term tasks have outsourced more Many organizations feel at ease working with short-term outsourcing staff rather than hiring permanent workers.

In this case, an employee has to pay only for his work, and if he does not work, he will not have to pay any money. If the institution wants to drop any freelance worker at the end of the project / mid-term, can also appoint new staff at any time. It seems to be a lot more flexible than permanent employees because the number of outsourcing is increasing day by day.

In the welfare of the Internet, now the workers of developing countries are getting the opportunity to work in the developed world. But there are direct work issues. Generally, outsourcing is to work abroad and earn money. Workers who do this type of work are mainly freelance outsourcing workers.

Bangladesh’s outsourcing position:

Bangladesh’s position in freelancing is quite satisfactory. According to a survey of ODesk, according to Bangladeshi freelancer according to the site, we are third in the world Regarding Bangladeshi freelancers, Matte Cooper said that the freelancers of Bangladesh are working very well, they are improving fast. In 2009,

there was nothing to say about getting the job done from Bangladesh. Bangladesh has been ranked third in the top list of Odesk in just three years. Besides, 12 percent of the total work in Odesk is completed by Bangladeshis This is a great improvement.

Matt Cooper said many of the Bangladeshi freelancers are freelancing as well as studies. Some people are also working out of jobs, and some have left lucrative jobs. Some of those who have worked over 10,000 hours in Bangladeshi freelancers in Odessa can be found. Everybody earns thousands of dollars.

There are even income signals up to $ 30,000. Which is proud of Bangladesh. Another freelancing site has more than 5000 Bangladeshi registered Freelancer. With the help of starting freelancing, this site is increasingly increasing the number of BangladeshFibrillants. Another popular freelancing site, Rent-A-Coder, has more than 5000 freelancers. Many of them have more than 100 projects completing hundreds of freelancers There are more than 500 projects of this marketplace in Bangladesh.

Regarding the overwhelming position of Bangladesh, we are in a very good position from the general data entry work to high-quality technical work. Our position is from third to fifth in every popular freelance outsourcing marketplace.

Why do freelancing?

Why it may be different from freelancing. Many are not interested in formal nine-five jobs, for them, the freelancing will be the most attractive for some kind of flexibility. Again, many people earn more than five to six times more in the field of job earning in the field. There are many people who earn Rs 3 to 4 lakhs through freelancing, while corporate jobs, their salary may vary from 20 thousand to 50/60 thousand takas. In this case, he freelancing for more money, this is the most interesting aspect of freelancing to him.

But usually, the freelancing facilities are the ones who are interested in themselves, the opportunity to own a boss! When you do it right when you stop doing it. There is freedom of work, what to do, work with whom it is your personal desire. As you get money based on work, it increases productivity. As you work with a lot of people, it will increase the range of your community. Since you are not doing the same work in the office every day, getting the chance to get acquainted with the new work every day, so it will enhance your skills.

What can be done

A freelance outsourcing staff can do everything possible through the Internet. Many people think that mobile outsourcing is limited to jobs such as website design and development. If one of the students of the Faculty of Business Studies decides the accounts of any organization or analyzes the economic situation, they can earn huge amount of money. The online market place has various types of work. A freelancer can work closely with his skills. Such works include Web Development, Web Design, Software / Application Development, Blog Writing / Article Writing, Data Entry, Graphics Design, Customer Support, Sales / Online Marketing, Online Services, Project Management, etc. Those who want to develop web design and design, they can choose categories according to their own preferences, including WordPress, CSS, PHP, HTML, Joomla. For software development, you can select desktop apps, mobile apps. Those who are good at English and can write any articles, they can write a blog/article. In this case, you can write tunes and reviews for any blog. In the data entry field, execution of Excel Sheet with PDF, Captcha entry, etc. You can choose Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. for graphics design. And in the customer category, the email response, call response or call center service will be provided to different organizations. Another popular thing is that search engine optimization [SEO], market research, social marketing can be done in the Sales Marketing category.

Which is needed:

The key to success in freelancing is that the advantage or ability. Be patient. The main problem of the Bangladeshi freelancers is not knowing or knowing less. Gartner’s survey found that the youth of the country was liable for outsourcing. Many do not want to understand that English is one of the most important topics in outsourcing. Since it is necessary to have regular communication with overseas buyers,

there is a need to have expertise in the English language. Otherwise, you will not be able to understand your bureaucratic environment, and you can not tell them any problems. In English, the weaker ones may be uprooted above, but I can say for them that you do not have to be a scholar in English.

Generally speaking, English is used for communication and business activities. Those who are weak in English, it is not too long to remove it, it is possible to learn English in such a way if you try for 2 to 3 months. There is a need to have knowledge about the internet as well as related activities. It’s important to keep an eye on deadlines in order to work. If you can finish the work before the deadline, it is better to submit to the buyer.

Besides, the mentality of hard work should be kept in order to get betterment. The everyday mentality of work will be done. And yes, for faster work, there must be a better computer and faster internet. Under the type of operation, scanners, digital cameras, or any other device may also be needed.

Choose the job according to the skills

The first thing that works behind the success of freelancing is finding out the work according to their own skills or preferences. The first job of a freelancer is to determine what he will do first. It should be done to determine whether it is building a standard of self-esteem or building a spirit of self-respect. Because he will have to work by bidding with the experience in the international market. I’m not an expert, I’m going to work on that matter.

If needed, take training

Must have enough knowledge about software or website development or content development no matter what. Training can be taken to know more about the issue. Recently freelancing marketplace organized the search engine optimization and Content Writing Competition winners of the award-winning Bangladeshi software development organization Devastime Limited offers various training related topics.

In addition to taking part in these training for 3 months, you can visit the Devarim Office located on the 12th floor of the Multiplan Center in New Elephant Road, in the capital, to get the benefits of freelancing. Besides, a number of institutions including BASIS provide regular freelance training. Notable among them are BD Jobs, Daffodil Institute of IT.

Marketplace Place:

In the case of freelancing, marketplace refers to where freelance work is available or given. Those who work on these sites are called buyer or client. And those who do these tasks are called coders or providers. Bread or apply for coder acne or project. How many days to submit the project, how much money must be completed, all the details are clearly mentioned. After the codes apply, the client can choose who he wishes for the job. Clients generally consider prior coder experience, comments of coders when bidding, etc.

Once the codec is selected, the client’s work money is deposited in the sites. With the completion of the coder work, you get the guarantee of money. The site that was available through the site, after leaving the specified commission, the remaining amount will be deposited in the coder account. And the marketplace works as a medium for these jobs.

There are many sites for freelancing. Some popular sites such as,,,,,, Freelancing work can be started by registering on these sites for free. Before registering, you must know about the various rules, job requirements, payment methods or different charges of the site.

Preparation for the application:

A good cover letter should be made immediately after the registration in the market place, which will take time to apply to the client. Make a list of significant work listings done before or a good portfolio. Basically, this is considered to be a portfolio of work experience. When registering, personal information, address, email, etc. should be given correctly.

You will have to create a profile/resume in one of the registration steps, where you will be able to mention in some places. Here you can give your previous work experience, website link, etc. You will be able to arrange your profiles with more proficient and more information, but the possibility of getting your job is as much as possible.

However, there is no need to resort to any falsehood, which should have the skill in it. Prior to taking any work, the time frame, budget, and other related topics should be well understood. And in case of client selection, we must take caution. If you can see any previous review of that client. Because sometimes the client is deceived by fraudulent work.

Before bidding for work

After successful registration, you can now start bidding. Freelancing sites are coming up every quarter. Keep watching every work done according to your expertise. There is no need to bid for the first few days. Take a look at the website for a few days.

You can read various website rules and helpful articles. Remember one thing, getting work early but not easy. So you have to bid intensely. It may take 10 to 20 days for the first time to get started. After successfully completing some tasks you will not have to look back. Then the clients will be able to find you.

Is Freelancing really so easy?

Freelancing is the smartest and popular profession now. Through which many of our less educated youth have also turned around. Many young people from Bangladesh are currently engaged with freelancing.

Newcomers who want to come to this profession, or those who are new, many people think, if you can rotate the computer mouse or you can do even if you know to type. My questions to them: If you know Bengali readings and write to know you will get a chance at Dhaka University? And we have learned to read and read the writing and we have learned class-to or thrift. But what is to do for VAST RIGHT, only after giving HSC, a student knows that he got the chance.

Freelancing is also like that Freelancer now knows how many hours he has to wake up to really freelancing (Danzer, Mollansar / Click Flick). How many hours a day is sitting in front of the computer. This is, our brother Jahidul Islam, who received the BASIS Award from the freelancing department of Dhaka, the disabled brother, is now suffering from more difficult diseases. While sitting in front of the computer, his spinal cord is gone, now it is not straightforward, there is a lot of pain when moving.

Do the actual freelancer

The main thing is that if you want to be a real freelancer, you will need to learn to eat the first step of one task, that is to learn the work so that you can survive in the competition with all the freelancers around the world.

And if you do not have one or two jobs, you will be scrambled at any time. It is very easy to understand the fact that in the examination of the scholarship of freelancing of any subject. Because, like the university, the competition is to get the work done here. Just like the University, your client gives you the marks by checking your skills/quality. That’s the same as GP-5, which is the rating.

Although this rating is 4, getting work done a lot is difficult. So the main thing is to learn the work. And to be industrious. If you do not work in the marketplace, you can work in the smart cellar at various local IT farms. Besides, you will find much retail work also.

What will you learn? If you want to learn to work, the first thing you will learn? And many of them have done email / FB and tune treatment. I’ll make the first time to do the workout, if you know something before, learn that new thing. And if the newcomer will feel interested in you, as you have from your childhood, then start the graphics design. And those who made good in Math can start web design. Moreover, those who are weak in both of these can do

SEO. Learn what to learn and learn advanced. Because I have already said that you can not do anything with a basic level of work in freelancing. To restart the job that you have learned before and practice it again and again. Read the related articles related to your work. See the work samples of those who perform those tasks. You try to make one more like that. After learning how to do this, take at least two months, to master all complex complicated tasks.

Where, in what way?

Then, Basics to advance when you get your confidence, then you can freelance marketplace place. Remember, the client is not seeing you, your family/family status, or your influence/power in the country, is not watching, at first see your profile, like when you go to a shopping mall or a showroom, firstly showroom room decorations, size and items presented.

And the first thing to look at the services of the service, then if the goods are good then go to the showroom again and again; Rises. Like a marketplace, first you like the best of your profile, portfolio and other information, test, etc. first. Then your quality cover and the latest quality of work is seen after hiring you. Depends on it, gives you feedback. If you like most of your clients, they will request you to do the following.

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