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Introduction to the related computer materials

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A) Printer: An output device on the printer computer materials. The printer is used to get the computer data processing results in written form. Three technology printers are basically used for print related to personal computer materials. Such as

Dot Matrix Printer:

In such a printer, a print head (head) has a fixed number of pin arranged in the matrix. These head and pins are printed on paper in a typical print line and printed on paper by a continuous and fast dot in the print Ribbon (Ribbon). Many pc printers are available in the market for perfect and fast printing. If the number of pins is high then the print quality is also good.

InkJet Printer:

Another printer is of better quality than the Voet Matrix printer – the INKJet Printer. Various manufacturers are also known as Bubble Jet or Desk Jet printers. This type of printer performs the process of printing information on the paper through the print head of the electronic circuits by a liquid ink cartridge. In the print process, this printer can work roughly silently.

Laser Printer:

The laser printer is used for better printing than the above two technology printers. The Printer operates in a cartridge or toner in dry the printer, as it is ink powder and the printer, is printed using Laser Beam when it is ordered to print any information or image from the computer.

B) Speaker:

This is an output device on the computer, which makes them the computer’s sound or sound understandable to the listener.

C) Scanner:

Scanners are a popular input device used to enter computers in a form of photocopying, photographs, images, or any such material from paper, cloth or any such material. The device is the most used in the publishing industry and in the photo printing press.

In addition, the relatively low conventional input device such as Tactile, Joystick, LightPen, Digitizer and MR, Microphone, Digital Camera, etc. Disc, CD, modem, pen drive, etc. These tools are used simultaneously in input and output devices for providing and receiving data on the computer.

D) Voltage Stabilizer: Every piece of computer is very small and nutritious. Obviously, due to the fact that electricity cannot be harmed by the computer, the voltage is due to the voltage stabilizer

Stabilizer). Voltage stabilizers can be used for different types of electricity measurements, ie ‘VO’ power. Voltage stabilizer Large functional device for controlling electricity voltage. Especially suitable for computer users, which does not provide much less or less electricity than a fixed amount.

E) U.P.S: UPS is the full name of Uninterrupted Power Supply. It is extremely useful for the users of our country. When suddenly the power goes out, the UPS can supply power to the computer. A UPS can supply electricity from five minutes to thirty minutes. Its more potent EPS and available.

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