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I told you about a computer network. Still going to write an article. Maybe you understand the details. A computer network is a very important thing to understand if you read the detailed article.


The need for people to communicate with each other is increasing day by day. Different types of communication techniques are available for people to discover these needs. This strategy is the network. The meaning of new words is to work on the meaning of fake and work words. That is, in terms of mutual special arrangements and terms and conditions, information about the interaction between multiple persons or objects, providing informational facilities, preservation, etc. is called the Network.

Computer Network:

The systematic connectivity between multiple computers is known as a computer network. In other words, connectivity between multiple computers, cable, modems, or satellites means that the computer network is a means of using information, hardware, software, and sharing information.

Advantages of Computer Networks:

For the computer network, multiple computers and devices are converted into mutual connections through a single system. Usually one can use his own computer while working on his / her own computer. But as a result of networking, a person can communicate using a single computer at the same time. Similarly, more than one person can work on a computer at the same time. That is, in this process, all the computers are connected to the same system.

The necessary equipment for the network are:

To build a computer network, there is no need to have only one computer, there are some more essential components. But in all cases, the same type of equipment is not required. Depending on what type of equipment, depending on the type, expansion, and use of that network.

* Tools needed for setting up a local area network –

1. Network Interface Card (NIC)

2. Hub / Switch

3. Two-Estated Pair Cable (CAT4 / CAT5 / CAT6)

4. RJ45 connector

5. Creeping tools

6. Only tester etc.

Ethernet cable types are usually of three types.

1. Straight – Through Cable

2. Crossover Cable

3. Rolled Cable

568A 568B

1. White of Green 1.White of Orange

2. Green 2. Orange

3. White of Orange 3. White of Green

4. Blue 4. Blue

5. White of Blue 5. White of Blue

6. Orange 6. Green

7. White of Brown 7. White of Brown

8. Brown 8. Brown

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