How to use Prisma

How to use Prisma for your iPhone

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The popular app Prisma for iPhone also has access to Android users. The Prisma app can convert images into artwork or artwork. The top of the most downloaded app on the iPhone is now the iPhone App. Available on the iOS platform, Android users were also waiting for it.

Recently, Pijama Lab Inc. launched the app for beta or trial version of Android.

How to get Prisma

The Prisma Beta application is not yet officially opened in the Play Store. However, to get the app you will need to sign up to the Prisma app’s newsletter by visiting the official Prisma website. After signing up, a link will be available for the download of the iPhone app beta API.

The beta version may have some bugs or software errors. So the risks are to be downloaded by the riskers.

How to Download

1. First download ( link (The iPhone app beta API).

2. Go to phone settings. From there go to the Security option and allow the download permission from the unknown source of the Device Administration section.

3. Install Prisma Beta APK.

4. Now launch the app or pick up the cellphone or select the photos stored in the phone’s gallery.

5. Prisma App will convert the image to art.

6. There will not be any option on the main screen to save the edited preview image. Please select the ‘Save Artworks Automatically’ topic in App Settings to save. The pic can mechanically be saved within the gallery.

After editing the picture, click on the share icon to save the picture. 7. Those who want to remove the water in the photo, check the ‘Add Water Marker’ option in Settings.

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