Programs that should be installed on Windows 10

Programs that should be installed on Windows 10

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Recently the new Window operating system Windows 10 is released and in the meantime, Window family’s Windows Phone market share has slowly started grabbing the most popular operating system.
Now the question is, what type of operating system do you want to do in the fresh operating system? More questions are asked, why to install new software in it.

However, this article did not focus attention on the game, but rather the necessary tools were discussed, which were installed on the system in a new way, to get the best performance from the system. The list of these tools for them is the ideal, which is installed from scratch and installed on Windows 10. The tools that are highlighted in this list are free. And using these tools does not have any risks from a business perspective.


Many of us know and believe that the first item we downloaded and installed is the web browser However, Microsoft’s newest built-in web browser is not meant to be avoided. But browsing solutions such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have long been used and many of them are likely to be bookmarked.
That’s why these browsers are very familiar to you and you have a very good idea about their effective ability. Perhaps you can connect the desktop browser to the mobile version so that your bookmark is accessible from any device. Install your favorite browser, when you know about Microsoft Azure. Although you will not get the experience of multi-device because Edge is offered only on Windows 10 and will be offered in XBOX soon.

Daemon Tools

What is your laptop or rig optical drive installed? If not, there is no problem. In this situation, the Daemon Tool will help. With Daemon Tools, you can back up the ‘virtual disk’ or ‘disk image’ files of your physical CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray disc, which runs directly on your hard drive. This tool creates a virtual drive and allows users to ‘mount’ in image files such as ISO or MDS. You can work with images made through other burning programs.

Daemon Tools supports different types of images. Use the CD / DVD image converter to have an image format in your image catalog.
Damon Tools website includes Damon Tools Lite 10, which can be used for free. You can choose to create images, store, mount, for a free app and additional pro features that you really need or get a full package at half the cost.

C cleaner

C cleaner is a System Optimization, Privacy Cleaning Tool. Developing the PC optimization tool, the preform, which is fairly well-used. The tool has a free, a professional ($ 25) and a professional plus ($ 40) version.
The free version of the Squealer tool by checking your privacy on the internet, as well as by deleting unnecessary files by increasing the speed of your computer. This tool removes the user’s online activity such as Internet History. If you choose the professional version, then get premium technical support, automatic updates, and real-time monitoring. A fragmentation tool and file recovery involving professional plus.
It is not a matter of choosing which version of Squealer. Because this tool is designed in such a way that your PC is exempt from the temporary internet file, by deleting invalid entries of Windows registry, removing unwanted programs from startup, and more, such as temporary files, history, cookies, super cookies, autocomplete forms History, index dot data, delete the download history.

Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is the leader within the Open supply workplace package suite of data processing, spreadsheets, shows, graphics, databases, etc. The Apache OpenOffice is an OpenSource Office Suite, which is offered free of charge under the Apache 2.0 License.

Apache mentions that the OpenOffice is able to save and read the file formats completed in all open formats and OpenOffice suite of internationally open standards. This suite is available in many languages ​​and can work on common computers. It can be free to download and can be used free of charge for any purpose.

Focused bundles in this office suite include Writers (Word Processor), Calc (spreadsheet editor), Impress (Slideshow), Draw (Art Work), Base (Database) and Math (Equation Editor), etc.
If you do not want to spend money to buy Microsoft’s most recent office suite, you can use an office suite OpenOffice as an alternative. This office suite is very easy to use. The latest version of Office Suite OpenOffice 4.1.1, which is released to solve important problems.


Skype name communication tool was introduced with VoIP calls, instant messaging, 2003. The biggest selling point is that other Skype users can make Skype calls at no cost. This is a huge matter, although members of teamwork in different places. As a result, not everyone needs to meet in the office.
With Skype, you can share stories, birthdays, language, office colleagues, and everything we need in our daily life. Skype can be used on a phone or on a computer or on a TV.

Microsoft, the masterpiece of the operating system, bought the popular communication tool Skype for $ 850 million, to strengthen its dominance in 2011, which was an adventurous step and many of the world’s people were surprised at it. Currently, we see, this service apparently popping up everywhere including Xbox One Console and Customers who subscribe to Office 365, can get 60 minutes of free calling in Skype, or mobile and landline non-skype calls. Skype users can share files, screens and many more.


The GIMP Image Manipulation Program is a short version of GIMP. Spinner Kimberley creates GIMP In the real sense, GIMP is released as a general image manipulation program and its development process began in 1995 as a project of the University of California. GIMP is an open-source application for creating graphic images and manipulation, which runs Linux and other Unix based operating systems including Windows and Mac OS X. GIMP is distributed on certain conditions under licensing through GNU Project.

You may get GIMP as one of the most optional applications available in any major Linux package, which are distributed through Debian and paid hats.
You can download it directly. By offering a GIMP, photo retouching, image composition, and image authoring facility, and comparatively comparable to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Spybot-Search and Destination

Spybot-Search and Destination is a set tool for finding and removing malicious or harmful software. Its ‘Immunization’ feature prevents browsers against pretending threads. Its malware detection solutions have been used since 2000, which was originally developed by German software engineer Patrick Michael Kolla after which Safer Networking Limited bought it.

There are three types of spots-search and destroying tools, the first is the free version, the second home version, and the third professional version.
Spybot – Search and Destination Tool is a free version for Malis and Hazardous Rootkit scans and removes scary software. Spots provide users with a startup tool, blocking harmful websites and proxying, and unlisted malicious websites and cookies.
The home version is a little more feature-packed, full-featured antivirus protection, live protection and more. Whatever Safer-Networking can offer, the professional version offers something like iPhone App Scans, Registry Repair, a Secure File Shredder, etc.

File Shredder

File Shredder is a free desktop application for cutting unexpected files that are unlikely to be recuperated. With file device, you’ll take away files from Winchester drive without concern. There are currently a few software tools in Windows OS that can be retrieved by retrieving deleted files. These tools are usually referred to as ‘File Recovery’ software. File Shredder is a free tool offered under the GNU / GPL General Public License. According to the developer’s information, the software will ‘erase’ files in a single spot multiple times by writing ‘random series of binary data’, so that the original file can not be accessed anymore.

File shredder is developed, as a trusted tool for fast, secure, and truncated company files. You can choose one of five different shading algorithms in file shader, which can be different from energy. Each file shredder is developed better than the previous one. There is a disk wiper feature, which makes unused disk space scrap and has a toggle option for Windows shell integration. File Shredder is a very small program that works on Windows 10.


Do not want to spend more for ZIP and RAR files? So you can think of free open source archive file Seven-Zip (7-Zip), which is part of the GNU LGPL license. From the webpage, it is known that it supports the unRAR code contained in the mixed license.
According to the developer’s information, Seven-Zip is a Zip / GZIP comparison ratio, which is better than WinZip. This is a premium archive handler. Seven-zip is integrated into Windows Shell. It has ‘strong’ AES-256 encryption (Zip and Seven Z Format), a file manager.

VLC media player

VLC media player Windows, Mac OS X, mobile platforms with different types of Linux builds, such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android support. Without installing the codec, VLC can play more like MP3, DivX, MPEG-2, H.264. This software can play DVDs, VCDs, audio CDs, and supports several streaming protocols.

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