Hardest Win of Barcelona

The Hardest Win Of Barcelona

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Barcelona has already lagged behind in the title clash. However, their current point gap with Real Madrid is only one. The Catalans have played more than Real. The 34 match was a 77-point win over the Jidan disciples. Messi and Suarez have 76 points in the game. The Spanish giants have to go back to the title race after losing against Espanyol. Barcelona finally won the match against Espanyol today. Barcelona has reduced the points gap with Real Madrid at the top of the table with a win at Camp Nou.

Barcelona is supposed to win against Espanyol at the bottom of the points table at Camp Nou today. However, Messi-Suarez-Grisman’s goal was not allowed to be celebrated by Espanyol’s defense. The first half saw a goal miss and a weakness of the defense in The Barcelona game. The two teams ended the game with a goal less than the first half.

The hosts were leading the game in the second half. In the 56th minute, the ball was intercepted by Messi in the backfill of The Frenchman. Suez, however, did not make a mistake sending the ball to the address. Earlier, Barcelona’s Ansu Fati and Espanyol’s Paul Lozano saw a red card and left the field with a group of ten. Messi, however, had the chance to extend the gap after Suez’s goal. However, he was stopped by the visitor’s goalkeeper. This is Barcelona’s 100th victory against Espanyol.

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