new technique is the way to recognize fake apps

The new technique is the way to recognize fake apps

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On that day we use different apps. But have you ever wondered if the apps you use can be fake and maybe? The biggest drawback to using fake or fake apps is to steal your information or data. So let’s know how to recognize fake apps and avoid them.

1. Download the App from the Official Official App Store or Play Store:

Always download apps from the official App Store or Play Store. Many times we have downloaded apps from Google to any other website without using the App Store or Play Store. It can be seen that the owner of the app or any other developer. For this, through this app, the secret information about our mobile is stolen. So download from Play Official App Store. However, many apps are found to be harmful in official app stores. However, the official app authorities are trying to remove them as soon as possible.

2. Read the App’s Description:

The mistake of an app’s description means that the app is more likely to be fake. Due to the reason, apps developers have created apps that have been hacked by hacking their websites and typing a lot as a description, where many spelling mistakes are made. So before downloading the apps read the apps’ description.

 3. Review the reviews seriously:

Intelligent apparatus to read reviews of an app before downloading it. Because the reviews of fake apps are never good. So, after the reviews of the apps, 100% of the apps are gone, so that apps are fake or real.

 4. Consider also the download number:

If an app is fake, then the download number of those apps is not good. There are a few downloads available. So when the download number is more then it is said that apps are a lot better and do not fakes. Approximately 70% of the people downloaded the download number.

 5. View the app’s rating:

The number of apps that are real is much higher than the ratings of those apps. People are benefitted by downloading apps and giving ratings. So when you download apps, you will definitely see the ratings of apps.

Keeping five topics in the above discussion can identify any fake apps. Share your post with your friends so that they can recognize fakes apps.

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