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Tricks to increase the typing speed in secret rules

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We all want our typing speed to be high. Many times it needs us too much. Those freelancers need fast typing for them. Fast typing is needed for blogging or more. Fast Typing Saves Us Time. Let’s know how to speed up the typing speed.

➤ Comfortable places:

Useful and comfortable places to type quickly If you are open and comfortable, it is convenient to type quickly. If you type quickly on a laptop or keyboard, then it will work faster if you put it on the table rather than keeping it on the lap.

 ➤ OK:

It’s important to be fit to type fast Keeping the straight edge of the keyboard along the way, you have to be careful. This allows you to run finger keys properly. It is better to not type in leaner. If you type at a comfortable height, you can type quickly.

 Put your hands in the right place:

The keyboard cannot be typed quickly because it is not hand-held properly. Wrong mistakes are only seen on the keyboard. So keep in mind the rule of finger keeping on the keyboard. In the left-hand index ‘F’, ‘D’ in the middle, ‘S’ in Anamika, ‘A’ in the finger. Keep the right index finger ‘J’, ‘K’ in the middle, ‘El’ in Anamika and keep the finger at the ‘Semicolon’ key. Keep the old woman in the left and right-hand space bar.

➤Anushilan tricks:

After keeping the finger fixed, keep typing different words. Continue the practice. In the beginning, press the fingers on which you put the finger, start typing. ‘Asdf’ followed by ‘Jkl; ‘Then try typing these characters in capital letters. Then type these keys by putting the fingers in the row keys below. Simultaneously try to type those keys in the upper rows and put them in the row. Now you can try to type by pressing keys without looking at the keyboard.

 ➤ Continue practice:

There is no practice option to learn quick typing. The more you type, the faster and accurate typing will be learned. But there must be patience for this.

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