What is nanotechnology? What is the use of it?

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nanotechnology, It is difficult to guess even a dream of a world – we do not even imagine its characteristics. Raise your face and take a look around your house, do you see? Your computer, chair, table, your bed?

Let’s think 20 times smaller than your own – what will you see now? Maybe there is one on the floor and you will feel like a gigantic building to see your table. But if you are reduced to 1 million times that way, what do you see? Will you have a chair or a table?


you will see the things that makeup everything in this world, including your chair, table; Molecules, atoms, proteins, cells, etc. If your drawing is taken to the nanoscale, then you can see the electron-proton orbits around the atom rather than no atom or atom. Now suppose you use an extraordinary technique to change the structure of the atom or atom of an object with the formation of another atom, what will happen?

That is, then there will be the emergence of extraordinary materials that have never been in this world before. Starting these days, from a new disease medicine to your computer’s super-fast processor and creating all the extraordinary materials, there is a small technology that is known as “nanotechnology” and it is the most amazing sign of current science and technology. So let’s apprehend all the main points regarding engineering these days.

How big is this “nano”?

Capture photograph exploitation your smartphone or any camera and open it with Photoshop. Keep zooming in the photo, and zooming, the photo will become dull once and finally, it can be seen just like a four-brick brick wall. Each of those four-colored blocks is termed a picture element, which contains the description of a photo and together with all the pixels, a complete photo is created. In the same way, everything around you is completely made up of tiny atoms.

The chairs are made up of tiny particles called atoms, starting from the table to your body. At each element of the atom, one part of its composition is described, as each photo has different colors in each pixel and a photo is created together. The key theme of Nanotechnology depends on the object; Let’s talk about the structure and its molecules, the structure, and properties of the atoms, and then let’s get an idea about Nano’s drawing.

See we are familiar with a world where we are accustomed to measuring meters, kilometers, etc. It is really hard to imagine drawing a thing that is so small that it can not be seen as insight. But even though the Nano is much smaller, it is bigger than a single atom. The radius of an atom is about 5.5 nanometers, and the nucleus of an atom (the thickest area in the middle of an atom where there are protons and neutrons) is smaller, which is about 1.6 nanometers.

Patu and Ganit Takehara of the science department have got ideas about nanometer and its drawings so far, but let’s try another example for everyone to understand. Suppose you have an apple in your hand and say it’s 5 nanometers, then how small is it? If you compare 5 nanometers to 5 nanometers, if the apple in your hand is a nanometer, then the whole world would be one meter, you see?

You might be surprised to see pictures of tiny parasitic insects in your biology book, maybe thinking about how to take a picture of such a small thing. Such photography is done using an electron microscope.

This extraordinary science machine can see a million times smaller objects of one meter, that is, 5 million (3 million) smaller versions of a microscopic meter. But nanotechnology means 3 billion (5 million) times smaller than 1 meter. So can you imagine how small a nanometer could be? I was out of my imagination long ago. Let’s take a look at the chart below for a more detailed and detailed nanoscale.


Atom; ~ 1.5 nanometers.
Atoms within the spirit; ~ zero.15 nanometers are covered in part.
DNA double-helix (DNA molecule); 2 nanometer radius.
Ideal protein; ~ 5 nanometers long.

electronic transistor (by which pc processor or memory is made); ~ 100-200 nanometers wide.
Ideal bacteria; ~ 20 nanometers tall.
Human hair; With a radius of 1,3-5,3 nanometers.
A paper ~ 100,000 nanometers thin.
A girl is 1.2 meters (4 feet) tall; ~ 5.2 million nanometers long.
A boy is towing meters (6.5 feet) tall; 2,000 million nanometers long.
Empire State Building; 381 meters (1,250 feet) tall; ~ 381,000 nanometers long. Nano Technology from Nano Science

Nanotechnology What is nanotechnology?

Can we create a new world from the smallest part imaginable? – Gratitude! Remember the Google Map’s satellite view? Where within the time period, our world seems to be a big round of blue-green. Having green trees and oceans throughout most of the surface of the earth, it looks like a big circle of blue-green to see the world from afar.

Now start zooming on the map, gradually many countries will be watching, after that, the country’s cities will be noticed then there will be a certain city on the screen. Now start zooming in on the city, moving to an area and eventually zooming in on a palace or a house.

But is this the last end of the world, that is the smallest element in the world by which this planet was created? Of course not. Nanoscience is employed to appear at things smaller than our traditional seeing. Now let’s go back to the Google Map which ended up on a mahalla. Now let’s zoom in. Maybe a field can be seen on the mahalla and at one point it will stop on a grass to zoom. The idea started with Nano Science and began to zoom the grass.

By zooming the grass, the plant cells within it can be seen and can see how they are preparing food for themselves with the help of sunlight. If you zoom in more details, you will see that the plant’s molecules are made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, and at one point everything will split apart. So this is nanoscience, which helps us from the very roots to understand how each substance is made and what their core is.

And when we understand about nanotechnology, we can exploit it and invent new things and it will be called nanotechnology. Because technology comes from science and follows the rules of science making our everyday life easier, technology is the job of technology.

Now let’s get some general ideas about nanotechnology — what it actually does and how it works. I will not go into any complicated discussion, just try to explain the whole thing briefly and simply with a few examples. Well now think of cloth and suppose we have reached the smallest place on the nanoscale of that cloth, then what will be seen. Yes, of course, we will reach atoms at the very tip of the yarn. The distance from one thread to another may seem like a pond. Now suppose there is a substance that has the ability to exclude any liquid.

So what if we could reach the nano-scale of that substance and know the atomic structure of that substance and change the atomic structure of the cloth to exactly that substance? Then it will be possible to create a cloth that will exclude any liquid with water. Suppose your white shirt is filled with a yellow bag of vegetables! What is not it boring? But after upgrading to nanotechnology, your shirt will discard the swirl bag, meaning that even if the shirt is lubricated, it will not stain. I hope you are clear about the basics of nanotechnology.

Use of Nano Technology

Most of the benefits of nanotechnology may be seen in the decades to come, but even today, this technology is helping us to change the world in many ways. You might be thinking that nanotechnology is a wonderful thing and that it’s a whole new technology – because “technology” means we think of man-made technology.But our life itself may be a nice example of technology. Our bodies work on the basis of nanotechnology such as proteins, viruses, bacteria, cells, etc.

Nano Material

What is Nano Material Nanotechnology? Can we create a new world from the smallest part imaginable? – Megatune! Maybe you are currently using Allreddy Nanotechnology. Maybe you are wearing nanotechnology pants or your shirt is made of nanotechnology. Even the travel bug, starting from your bed sheet, is ready for nanotechnology. The fibers of fabrics made in nanotechnology are so fine that they can not be trapped in dusty sand particles, thus making the fabrics much less dirty.

Nanotechnology is employed in some branded emollient creams, solely by swing the cream on your skin, it merely puts the titanic oxide or philosopher’s wool layer, thus it blocks the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Many paints made in nanotechnology also work this way, making them last longer and less corrosive.

The carbon nanotubes are the most remarkable nano-materials. Its atomic composition made it a very strong substance. It can be made in any length measure by drawing a fiber.

Nano Chip

What is Nano Chip Nanotechnology? Can we create a new world from the smallest part imaginable? – Mega tube! Micro Electronics is another form of nanotechnology. The term “micro” is commonly used in microelectronics because of the microscopic scale of its drawings. But computer scientists find that the size of the computer can be made smaller and more powerful if you can get more transistors in one place.

That’s why today’s computers square measure a lot of smaller, a lot of stronger and cheaper in size. Currently, computer processors are manufactured by transistors of 8-20 nanometers and its size is being reduced day by day, and all this is possible due to nanotechnology. Not only computer processors but also flat-screen HDD TVs, smartphones, iPods, etc. all are chipped using nanotechnology.


Another fascinating reality of engineering science is that it’s potential to make an awfully tiny machine; From gears, switches, pumps, machines – and utterly completely different atoms. Nanorobots are made by nanomachines called nanobots. Nyanbot can be injected into our body so that it can fight with adverse conditions.

Last word

There is no doubt that the future of nanotechnology will rule more. But with the benefits of this technology, there are some disadvantages. For example, nanobots will cause cancer by injecting the body. Since the nano-bot is so small, many doctors are apprehensive that it can enter the brain with blood so no one knows what can happen. To share your thoughts on nanotechnology and if you know more about this technology, please share it with us in the tutorial below. If the tune sounds good and benefits, be sure to share.

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